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What are OTAs and OTA rankings? 

OTA stands for Online Travel Agencies. These are platforms that provide an online listing of various hotels, B&Bs, and accommodations that meet your criteria. Typically, these platforms display the affiliated accommodations in a list format, and your position in this list is your OTA ranking. Well-known examples of OTAs are platforms such as, Airbnb,, Expedia, HRS, Tripadvisor, etc.

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The importance of OTAs

Since travellers predominantly search for their accommodations digitally, via their laptop, tablet, or smartphone, eagerly using these OTAs, it is very important for hotels and B&Bs to be present on these platforms. Indeed, studies (Expedia survey, 2023) show that 75% of people book a stay in the first 15 views on an Online Travel Agency (OTA) and even estimates that 80% to as much as 90% of bookings made come from the first page of the listing. So, in other words, online travel agencies (OTAs) largely determine the success of your hotel or B&B. So it goes without saying that it plays hugely in your favour to improve your position or ranking on these platforms.

To be seen is to be booked

So the presence and ranking of your hotel or B&B on these OTAs are almost as important as the service you provide to your guests. By not having a presence or a poor ranking on these OTAs, even the best accommodations can face lost revenue due to fewer bookings. After all, the golden rule is, "To be seen is to be booked." Fortunately, there are several actions you can take to improve your ranking and increase your chances of getting booked.

How to use OTAs to your advantage

To really use the potential of OTAs to your advantage, you need in-depth knowledge of how these platforms work and how travellers behave on them. For example, you need to understand how OTA algorithms work, how search results are generated, and what factors really influence a traveller's decision to book your accommodation.

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4 tips on how to improve your OTA ranking 

Here we share some tips you can easily apply to increase your online visibility:

1. Choose a channel manager who can connect the relevant OTAs and has good technical aspects
2. Define a strategy per OTA, and don't forget the role of rate parity
3. Make sure your descriptions meet the keywords in your region
4. Dynamic pricing to respond to pick-up theory
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Otamiser is a game changer in Hotel Revenue Management

So it's clear: OTAs like, Airbnb, Trivago, etc. are a must in the hospitality sector. You have to be present and visible. Our credo is "to be seen is to be booked". And let that be exactly where we excel and can help you!

Smart Hoteliers Bet on the Perfect Mix of Online Visibility and Revenue Management

Otamiser gives hoteliers and property managers more bookings at the right price through online visibility as well as revenue management. The OTA's algorithm no longer holds any secrets for us. Or, as a major player in the hotel sector once introduced us to his business partner: ‘These guys hacked the code of’

The always right price with Otamiser Revenue

Always show the right price, to the right customer, at the right time by using dynamic pricing. This way you are not only optimally findable but also super attractive to every guest!

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No more manual price changes required

Move from gut feeling to data-based decisions

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More online visibility thanks to the Otamiser Booster®

Thanks to our knowledge of algorithms and market trends, we improve your visibility on the most used OTAs. With a higher ranking, your hotel or B&B stands out more in the crowd.

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