Gamechangers in Hotel Revenue Management

Otamiser is a young team of hopsitality digital experts bringing a revolution to the hospitality market. Through our AI-driven OTA ranking algorithm, you systematically score higher on online travel agancy sites like, Airbnb, Expedia, Trivago, etc. We are here to give the power back to hotel owners and increase their returns.

Our mission

“Giving power back to the owners!”

Since the digital revolution the hospitality industry faces an uphill battle. OTAs like and Expedia dominate, while hoteliers struggle to keep up. But we're changing the game! Our mission is clear: through enhanced online visibility and dynamic pricing, we boost profitability, freeing you to focus on guests and growth again!

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What we do

Higher Ranked,
Higher Revenue

Otamiser created a groundbreaking solution that connects hotel revenue management with OTA ranking optimization, resulting in unparalleled results for our clients.

A Holistic Solution
for Visibility

Our AI-driven ranking algorithm ensures your property shines at the top positions on OTAs, while we meticulously manage your prices to unlock the full potential of every room.

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Maximize Revenue for Every Room

With our team of revenue experts at your service, rest assured you'll never miss out on potential revenue again. We consistently implement optimal pricing strategies to ensure your rooms generate maximum income.

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Boost your Ranking Fully Automatic

Autorank is our newest platform for vacation rental property owners and managers to boost their position on Airbnb while saving time.

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Our guiding principles
and core values

We envision elevating the state of the revenue management space by breaking the status quo
in the industry.

data driven


We root our trust in the power of data and processes, leaving emotions aside to drive decisions.


Reliable Partnership

We value our clients like partners, and we are fully committed to their prosperity.


Energetic and Dynamic

With a "let's do this" mentality, we believe in direct action to make things happen.



We don't just adapt to the industry's shifts, we set the trends and goals.

Our Story

The History of Otamiser

Otamiser's journey began with a young entrepreneur's quest to boost bookings and revenue for a small B&B. Through ingenuity and determination, a groundbreaking algorithm was born, forever changing the landscape of hotel revenue management.


From Student to Innovator

While studying Business Administration at Ghent University, Bart-Jan Leyts set out to find a solution to boost the profitability of his parents' B&B.


The first breaktrough

Bart-Jan dives deep into the world of OTAs and pricing optimization, finally finding a way to boost revenue for his parents' B&B. It's a breakthrough moment for the project, marking a major step forward.


OTA Ranking Management Algorithm

Motivated by the promising results of the B&B's revenue management, Bart-Jan believes there's potential for even greater success. He becomes fixated on elevating their accommodation listing to the top of search results on OTAs like

Together with Otamiser's CTO, Lucas Ballyn, he takes on this challenge, resulting in a groundbreaking algorithm that automatically boosts the position of listings on OTAs. Upon implementation, the impact is undeniable. The results were too good not to share with other hotel owners.


First client

One of Bart-Jan's first customers, B&B owner Korneel Defauw, is impressed with the solution. He quickly notices impressive results in revenue, occupancy and ADR and sees the transformative potential of Bart-Jan's innovation. Eventually, Korneel decides to join Otamiser as a co-founder.

Simultaneously, Nils Casteur joined the company as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).


Otamiser is born

As this innovative ranking mangement solution gains popularity among hoteliers, demand surges, driving the business to new heights. Realizing the need to expand, Bart-Jan decides to rebrand the company, marking the beginning of Otamiser. Now, we proudly introduce the groundbreaking Booster®, the first OTA ranking management solution. In just a few years, what started as a student's idea has grown into a company reshaping the hotel revenue management industry. And trust us, this is just the beginning of our journey!

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