Higher Ranked, Higher Revenue

Increase your bookings and sales through higher rankings and revenue management

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Elke hotelier wil meer boekingen aan de juiste prijs. Met Otamiser zorg je voor maximale visibiliteit van je accommodaties en dynamische prijszetting — volledig automatisch!

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Better positions on OTAs such as Booking, Airbnb
Higher occupancy of your hotel or units
Maximize your accommodations' revenue
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Already 4,500 accommodation units in 8 countries enjoy a direct return with
Otamiser Booster®

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increase in revenue from our hospitality clients

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increase in daily price

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Do you also want to engage more with your guests and less with your computer screen?

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Every hotelier knows how much effort it takes to keep your hotel's occupancy rate as high as possible: adjusting room rates, following up on reviews... Annoying, because, of course, what you want most is to be busy with your guests.

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No time to be constantly marketing your hotel?

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Why does your occupancy rate remain low despite your good review score?

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How can you stand out more among competitors on OTAs like Booking.com?

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Do you still believe that automatically adjusting prices helps create more sales?

OTAs such as Booking.com, Hotels.com, Airbnb, HRS... have become indispensable to travelers. So your accommodation stands among every other in the area. Just adjusting your prices has too limited an impact when you are on page 3 of the search results.

75% of people book a stay within the first 15 views on an OTA. In short: higher ranked, higher revenue.
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Otamiser is a Game-Changer in Revenue Management for Hotels

Smart Hoteliers Bet on the Perfect Mix of Online Visibility and Revenue Management

Otamiser gives hoteliers and property managers more bookings at the right price through online visibility as well as revenue management. The OTA's algorithm no longer holds any secrets for us. Or, as a major player in the hotel sector once introduced us to his business partner: ‘These guys hacked the code of Booking.com’

The always right price with Otamiser Revenue

Always show the right price, to the right customer, at the right time by using dynamic pricing. This way you are not only optimally findable but also super attractive to every guest!

Enjoy higher occupancy rates

Link with existing RMS, PMS and CMS software

No more manual price changes required

Move from gut feeling to data-based decisions

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More online visibility thanks to the Otamiser Booster®

Thanks to our knowledge of algorithms and market trends, we improve your visibility on the most used OTAs. With a higher ranking, your hotel or B&B stands out more in the crowd.

Be at the top of search results

Stand out more among the other accommodations

No more manual actions required

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Boost your sales & profitability

Not sure about your current OTA ranking?

We are happy to prepare a personal audit for you, outlining the key factors for achieving a high OTA ranking. Discover the online performance and visibility of your accommodations.

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For whom is Otamiser a perfect optimisation partner?

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Boutique Hotels

Do you own one or more boutique hotels and desire enhanced online visibility and more bookings at competitive rates? All of this without having to constantly stay glued to your screen, enabling you to maintain your focus on providing exceptional guest experiences.

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Small to medium-sized Hotel chains

Are you an owner and/or manager of a small to medium-sized hotel chain? Do you aim to boost your occupancy rates, offer more appealing returns to your investors, and realize your growth ambitions?

Hotel revenue managers
Property Managers

Are you running a vacation rental business? Optimize your listings through automated ranking management, saving you time and increasing revenue for you and your clients.

How Does It Work?

Otamiser automatically elevates the ranking of your accommodations in OTA search results, positioning your offerings above other hotels in your vicinity. Following a personalized onboarding, it operates seamlessly in the background.

A Brief Introduction

During our initial meeting, we delve into your challenges and objectives. We introduce you to Otamiser, outline our approach, and determine if we're a perfect fit.

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Comprehensive Onboarding

No long waits and no risk of incorrect configurations, because we set everything up for you. Handy right? So you can enjoy your results as quickly as possible and focus on your guests.

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Continuous Optimization

Otamiser kicks in: your ranking is continuously optimized and we proactively get to work so we can help achieve your goals - as a true partnership should be. The rest happens in the background, fully automatically.

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Analyzing the Results

You don't need to monitor an additional tool, we take care of that. Every month, you will receive a report on your results from us. So you are always up to date on the progress in terms of visibility, daily prices, revpar, and turnover.

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7 strong reasons why you need Otamiser

1.  Everything happens in consultation, you stay in the lead
2. No risk of misconfigurations, we set everything up correctly for you
3.  Continuous optimization from day one
4. No need for constant concern - it operates automatically
5. Linked to your existing CMS, PMS & RMS systems
6. Count on a regular point of dedicated contact for all your inquiries
7. Monthly reporting on your prices, reservations and sales

Built for hoteliers, by hoteliers

We understand the needs and frustrations of hoteliers and b&b owners - after all, we started that way ourselves! In our own accommodations, we noticed that despite strong reviews and automatic pricing, our occupancy rates were not yet optimal. The problem? We were not at the top of the search results of OTAs such as Booking, Expedia... So we developed for ourselves an automatic algorithm that allowed us to optimize the visibility of our positions on OTAs, combined with automatic dynamic pricing so we could charge the right price to the right customer. It had a direct impact on our efficiency and profitability. Obviously, we couldn't keep our solution a secret... And so, in 2021, the company Otamiser was born. Today, we are proud to say that we already have +650 customers in 6 countries. And we won't stop there.


How do you generate forecasts for pricing trends?
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We use data-driven insights to formulate our pricing recommendations. Collaborating with multiple data partners allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of market demand.

Are you increasing my commission rate on these OTAs?
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No, we are not out to make the companies behind the various booking platforms richer. Our main goal is to significantly increase the revenue of your accommodation and achieve the ultimate win-win partnership!

Is it solely the review score and price/quality that impact my OTA ranking?
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Improving your accommodation's visibility involves a multitude of factors. We've meticulously examined and incorporated 951 parameters that play a significant role in enhancing your OTA ranking!

What is the pricing structure for Otamiser?
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Our pricing structure considers various factors, including your current revenue, optimization efforts made, and the systems/software in use. We recommend scheduling a commitment-free initial discussion through our website to receive a personalized price estimate based on your unique circumstances.

Does Otamiser also work at OTAs other than Booking.com ?
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Certainly! When we start collaborating, we'll develop a thorough OTA strategy tailored specifically to your property. This involves identifying the most relevant OTAs for your accommodation and optimizing your presence on them. Our primary focus is typically on prominent regional OTAs, which often include Booking.com, Expedia, Trips.com, Kayak, Airbnb, and VRBO.

I currently use a Revenue Management System (RMS). Is Otamiser Booster still beneficial for my business?
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Yes! We prefer to work with accommodations that already have an RMS (Revenue Management Software). Then we can integrate directly with your RMS and PMS, creating even more impact.

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