Casiola (USA)

In the competitive landscape of vacation rental management, visibility and positioning on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) play a pivotal role in determining the success of property portfolios. Recognizing this, Casiola, an award-winning vacation rental management company, embarked on a strategic collaboration with Otamiser to enhance their OTA rankings and drive performance across their portfolio.


Casiola, renowned for its commitment to providing extraordinary hospitality and seamless property management services, manages over 300 homes across different locations, including the Greater Orlando area, Aruba, and Miami. In a bid to further optimize their property performance, Casiola engaged in a test case with Otamiser from August to December, 2023. This experiment included 50 underperforming properties selected from Casiola's portfolio in Orlando and Miami.

The Approach

The Otamiser team implemented Otamiser Booster to the selected properties to maximize online visibility and enhance OTA rankings using our machine learning algorithm. In combination with strategic revenue management and tailored strategies, Otamiser aimed to improve the revenue of the selected listings. 

Results and Impact

The outcomes of the collaboration between Casiola and Otamiser surpassed expectations, showcasing significant improvements in key performance indicators:

Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR):

  • The 50 selected listings demonstrated an impressive $18 enhancement in RevPAR, outperforming the market significantly, thanks to the Otamiser Booster.

Online Visibility and Engagement:

  • Average page views for the portfolio surged by 40,218, surpassing similar listings in the area and indicating heightened visibility and engagement on OTAs.


  • Additionally, the occupancy of Casiola listings where Otamiser Booster was implemented increased by 19%.
Dennis Goedheid the founder and CEO of Casiola expressed his satisfaction about the collaboration with Otamiser, he says: “I've always strongly believed that revenue management and optimizing rankings go hand in hand. I was thrilled to discover that Otamiser shares this vision. For a large property manager, maintaining and monitoring listings effectively at scale is quite the challenge, yet Otamiser has cracked the code on this."

Lessons Learned and Future Outlook

The success of the collaboration underscores the importance of optimizing OTA rankings and implementing smart revenue management strategies. By harnessing the expertise of Otamiser in ranking management and revenue optimization, Casiola fortified its position as a leading player in the US vacation rental management industry.

For more information on how Otamiser can help your listings rreah their full potential, book a call with one of our experts.

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