Hotel Focus

The Focus Hotel in Kortrijk offers 12 unique and charming rooms characterised by their artistic decor. Each room is decorated by a different local artist who gave it his own original twist each time. In the homey lounge at this hotel you can unwind to the tones of classical music after a busy day. And every morning guests can enjoy a generous breakfast buffet.

Room for Growth

Focus Hotel is a hotel owned by the Focus family business. By now the company has 25 years of experience in the hotel industry, they have been able to experience a nice sustainable growth. But in a competitive market, the family was looking for a way to stay ahead of the competition and further their sustainable growth.

Otamiser Booster: A Strategic Choice

Focus Hotel was approached by our experts at Otamiser. We were able to fulfill this entrepreneurial family's wish. We agreed to implement our innovative Otamiser Booster for this hotel.

The Otamiser Booster was developed by our team to significantly increase hotel and short term rentals revenue through an algorithm that addresses 951 proven parameters to ensure listings are placed in the top positions of OTAs (online travel agencies). estimates that 80% to as much as 90% of bookings made come from the first page of listings, this explains why our algorithm creates an average 24% increase in revenue for our clients. 

Results of Otamiser Booster 

The results after implementing Otamiser Booster for Hotel Focus are impressive. Compared to the same period in 2022, in the summer months (July, August and September) there is an overall revenue increase of 28.19% in 2023

Taking into account this summer's lower market demand, the relative sales increased by a whopping 37.84%

These figures demonstrate Otamiser Booster's ability not only to take advantage of favorable market conditions, but also to optimize hotel performance in more challenging conditions.

The owners of Hotel Focus talk enthusiastically about their cooperation with Otamiser: 

"As hotel managers, it is important for us to keep innovating. When we heard about Otamiser, they proved to be the ideal partner to help us do this. We were well supported in the implementation of the Otamiser Booster, which incidentally ensured that our sales increased noticeably after only a few weeks."

Conclusion: The Power of Otamiser Booster

The implementation of Otamiser Booster has helped Focus Hotel not only significantly increase revenue, but also ensure its potential for sustainable growth. By leveraging Otamiser's advanced technologies and expertise, Focus Hotel has taken a strategic step toward a more profitable and resilient business model.

Are you ready to grow, too? 

The results at Focus Hotel highlight the value of choosing technology that places your listings higher on OTAs. If you're also interested in maximising your revenue and driving sustainable growth, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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