Introducing Peter Van Praet, Otamiser Advisory Team Member

Allow us to introduce Peter Van Praet, a dynamic entrepreneur with a keen sense of innovation and a passion for supporting startups and business development. Peter, as a visionary and the founder of the popular spaghetti restaurant concept, BAVET, is also a savvy investor in numerous promising ventures, often collaborating with the legendary entrepreneur Zhong Xu, Co-Founder of Deliverect, on projects like CASPER.

Peter's entrepreneurial journey began with the establishment of a unique spaghetti restaurant concept. BAVET made its debut in Ghent at the end of 2015 and quickly gained popularity. Today, with 17 locations, including one in the Netherlands, it has become a recognizable brand with a dedicated community and even its own line of products.

In an interview, Peter shared his philosophy, stating: “If people have created something in your company and they are proud of it, then I genuinely enjoy that. That has always been my ambition: I make adjustments where necessary, but preferably let people be intrapreneurs within our organization. In that sense I see myself as a shadow CEO.” This approach resonated with us, and we realized that Peter is the right fit for our team.

Peter Van Praet's entrepreneurial journey is characterized by innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to fostering a culture of intrapreneurship. His visionary approach and mentoring skills are highly valuable to us, and we believe that this is the right step for Otamiser's development.