Meet Pavlina Dushkova, our Lead Operations

With a master's degree in tourism management, Pavlina thrives in our Bulgarian hub. Her journey with Otamiser began after she responded to a job advertisement and was contacted by our CEO Bart-Jan. Reading his message, she sensed that something great was about to unfold. When asked about her experience in Otamiser, Pavlina enthusiastically expressed, "It's going really well! :) I really like the company culture!"

Reflecting on her favorite memory at Otamiser, Pavlina highlighted the recent opening of the Varna office. She believes that the best memories at Otamiser are yet to come, with the expansion representing a significant milestone.

In one word, Pavlina describes Otamiser as "Inspiration." As she envisions her career path within the company, she expresses a desire to contribute wholeheartedly to the stable growth of Otamiser.

A recent quote that resonates with Pavlina is, "Believe you can and you're halfway there." Reflecting on her childhood aspirations, Pavlina wanted to become a teacher. In terms of culinary preferences, her favorite national dish is Banitsa, a traditional Bulgarian pie filled with a mixture of crumbled cheese, thick yogurt, and eggs.

For first-time visitors to Bulgaria, Pavlina recommends exploring the Black Sea Coast and Rila Mountain, emphasizing the beauty and unique experiences these regions offer.