Lora Georgieva

Airbnb Business Analyst

Meet Lora Georgieva, our Airbnb Business Analyst

Lora Georgieva brings a wealth of expertise with a Bachelor's degree in Tourism Management. Her journey with Otamiser began with an initial contact with Pavlina. During discussions, it became evident that Lora's work experience aligns seamlessly with the position's requirements in the Bulgarian hub.

Lora describes Otamiser in one word as "A dynamic hub of innovation." When envisioning her career path within Otamiser, Lora aspires to become a true expert in analyzing data for a better outcome, showcasing her commitment to professional growth and development. When asked how things are going in Otamiser, she answered, "Quite promising!"

In terms of her preferred remote work location, Lora finds inspiration in the old part of Varna, where numerous coffee and co-working spaces abound. Overall, her ideal work setting is by the seaside, where she can also indulge in water sports during her free time.

Quote that inspires Lora lately: 'Responsibility simply means your ability to respond.' by Sadhguru. As a child, Lora harbored diverse aspirations, such as becoming a restaurant owner driven by family ties, an archaeologist fueled by a passion for history, or a writer possibly creating novels.

Lora recommends everyone to try wakeboarding and engage in the right type of yoga for a well-rounded experience. When it comes to her favorite national dish, she delights in Tarator, cold soup often served as a refreshing first course or between meals.

For those visiting Bulgaria for the first time, Lora suggests exploring the mountainous nature, emphasizing its beauty that surpasses expectations.