Introducing Jonas Pollet, Otamiser Advisory Team Member

Allow us to introduce you to Jonas Pollet, a valued member of the Otamiser advisory team renowned for his exceptional talent acquisition skills and knack for identifying top-tier talent. Jonas is a corporate innovator with a wealth of experience, having co-founded Deskalot and payabl' while concurrently serving as Innovation Manager at Partena Professional. This impressive background showcases his entrepreneurial spirit and steadfast dedication to business ventures.

Jonas's exceptional career has been adorned with a string of prestigious awards. In March 2022, he clinched the coveted "Best HR Game Changer" title at the HR Excellence Awards, among various other accolades throughout his journey. Notably, he secured the "ICT Project of the Year" award from the esteemed CIO Awards in October 2021. These accolades highlight his remarkable contributions to both HR and ICT.

In Otamiser, Jonas Pollet plays a vital role as a member of the advisory team, providing us with a significant advantage that directly contributes to the company's ongoing success. His talent-spotting abilities and innovative mindset are assets that continuously help Otamiser identify and nurture top talent, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our industry.