Jarne Vancompernolle

Revenue Management Engineer
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Meet Jarne Vancompernolle, Our Revenue Management Engineer


Jarne Vancompernolle is a valuable member of our Otamiser team, holding a background in Finance from Ghent University, specializing in Business Engineering. His profound passion for technology and finance drives his commitment to problem-solving and optimization.

His diverse project experiences have finely tuned his expertise in both business and technology. Using data-driven strategies and analytical techniques, Jarne focuses on optimizing hotel revenue and pricing strategies, ensuring our clients maximize their potential through our solutions.


How did you join Otamiser?‍

My first contact with Otamiser was as a student. As part of some of my master's courses at Ghent University, I assisted Bart-Jan and Lucas in reviewing and improving their early-stage Business Processes. We kept in touch afterwards, and here we are now.

How's your experience at Otamiser so far?

Things are going incredibly well so far, I love my job and I couldn't have wished for a better first working experience. Every day at Otamiser is a chance to acquire new skills, tackle exciting challenges, and contribute to meaningful projects.

I am very excited to be part of the Otamiser community and look forward to connecting with like-minded folks!


Lastly, what's your preferred remote work location?

My favorite remote work location would be on a comfortable lounge chair next to a swimming pool, with a fresh cup of iced coffee. When I need a breakr or some inspiration, I can easily take a dip in the pool to refresh my mind.