Meet Jacob Quartier, Otamiser Advisory Team Member

Jacob Quartier is a seasoned finance and operations expert with an impressive career spanning over 18 years. His professional journey began in 2004 as an accountant at Nuance Communications, quickly advancing to roles such as Accounting Manager and Senior Accounting Manager.

His career reached its pinnacle at Showpad, where he assumed the position of Director of Finance and Operations in 2015, subsequently becoming Vice President of Finance and Operations. Jacob's exceptional financial acumen continued to evolve, culminating in his appointment as CFO at iText Software in 2020.

Recently, in 2022, Jacob Quartier took on the role of CFO at Smappee, bringing his wealth of experience and expertise to this new endeavor. With these pivotal roles at Showpad and Smappee, Jacob has left a significant mark in the realm of finance and operations, solidifying his status as a true leader in the financial field. We are confident that his expertise will provide Otamiser with a substantial advantage in the field of finance.

Beyond his remarkable financial and operational expertise, Jacob's presence on the Otamiser Advisory Team brings an invaluable depth of strategic insight. His experience in scaling and optimizing financial processes aligns perfectly with Otamiser's mission.