Meet Ivaylo Stoyanov, our Operations Analyst

Originally from Ruse and later relocating to Varna for university, Ivaylo pursued his academic journey at the Medical University of Varna, where he successfully obtained a master's degree in Healthcare Management.

Beyond his professional expertise, Ivaylo is a self-taught guitarist with a profound passion for music, particularly the classic rock and roll sounds of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Reveling in the chords and melodies of this timeless genre, Ivaylo holds unwavering admiration for The Beatles, marking him as a devoted fan of the legendary band. In his childhood, he aspired to be a writer, showcasing his early creative inclinations.

Currently based at our new hub in Varna, Ivaylo also thrives in the creativity and tranquility of remote work by the beach. Describing Otamiser as "innovative," Ivaylo captures the essence of our dynamic and forward-thinking environment.