Gauthier Willems

Strategic Consultant International Expansion

Meet Gauthier, Our Strategic Consultant for International Expansion

Gauthier is very driven and has a profound passion for entrepreneurship and venture capital. He firmly believes that every interaction is an opportunity for inspiration and knowledge. Gauthier's primary goal is to enhance his strategic thinking and leadership skills and foster innovation that will shape the future of the business world.

If Gauthier had the choice to commit to one pursuit for the rest of his life, it would be collaborating closely with visionary entrepreneurs, helping to transform their dreams into reality.

Educational Background:

Gauthier has laid a solid academic foundation for his future in the business world. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Applied Economics from Ghent University and completed a Master's degree in Corporate Finance from the same institution with an outstanding academic record. 

Additionally, he had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Economics and Business in Prague, where he focused on the valuation of financial instruments. Currently, he is actively pursuing a Master's in Management at INSEAD Business School.

During his educational journey, Gauthier received notable awards and recognitions, including a Scholarship for Achievement from INSEAD Business School. He was also recognized as the best Business Economics student in the entire program during the program's four-year duration.

Professional Background:

Gauthier's professional journey includes an internship at Rabobank, where he gained valuable experience in investment banking, financial modeling, and loan syndications. He also worked as a Business Analyst at Certifin, providing financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and offering guidance on acquisition deals.

Gauthier lives by the motto, "Talk to anyone; you never know what you'll learn."