Hotel Rubens

Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of De Haan, Belgium, Hotel Rubens stands as a charming boutique hotel within a beautifully restored 19th-century building. With 12 elegantly furnished rooms, the hotel boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere, offering modern amenities and a delightful breakfast featuring local produce.


Hotel Rubens faced distribution management challenges, balancing competitive prices and demand flow to ensure steady guest influx and growth. Visibility issues hindered occupancy rates and attracted a wider clientele. The hotel needed an agile approach to stay relevant and adapt to changing trends. A 20-day vacation closure during November-December 2021 added operational intricacies, requiring careful planning to maintain revenue generation and guest satisfaction.


Through our collaboration, Hotel Rubens undertook a strategic approach to improve its OTA visibility and revenue management. This involved adjusting pricing strategies, optimizing OTA presence, and aligning with market demand to achieve sustainable growth.


Comparing key metrics over different timeframes reveals significant improvements:

  1. 2019 vs. 2021:
  • The yearly revenue difference was a 4.28% increase, but Otamiser only started working from July 2021.
  • During the second half of 2021, total revenue surged by 32.29% (July to December 2019 vs. July to December 2021).
  • Adjusted calculations accounted for inflation and market demand changes.
  1. 2022 vs. 2019:
  • Total revenue between March and December 2022 saw a remarkable increase of 28.34%, indicating sustained growth.

During these periods, specific performance indicators also showed positive trends:

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR) increased by 15.82%.
  • Occupancy grew by 3.56%, even considering a 20-day closure for a vacation taken by the hotel's owners in November-December 2021.


The collaboration with Hotel Rubens  has led to impressive results, showcasing substantial improvements in ranking. By implementing Otamiser Booster®, Hotel Rubens has positioned itself for sustained growth and success in the competitive hospitality industry.

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