Hotel Maxim

Hotel Maxim in De Panne, Belgium offers a serene escape with a touch of seventies charm. Located just 300 meters from the beach, guests can enjoy the soothing sound of waves and stroll along the shoreline. The hotel's prime location makes exploring the city center a breeze. Nearby, guests can enjoy the local culinary scene at Restaurant Cajou, known for its fish, crayfish, and grill specialties. Plopsaland is just an 8-minute drive or tram ride away


Hotel Maxim faced challenges in increasing its online visibility and driving revenue growth. Despite its prime location and renovated rooms, the hotel struggled to attract a significant number of guests and maximize its revenue potential.


In March 2023, we started cooperation with Hotel Maxim by implementing an innovative OTA ranking optimization algorithm - Otamiser Booster® to address the hotel's challenges. The algorithm focuses on improving the hotel's visibility on online travel agencies (OTA's) and maximizing its presence in relevant markets.


The collaboration with Hotel Maxim yielded remarkable results. By implementing the OTA Ranking optimization algorithm, the hotel experienced a substantial increase in its online visibility and revenue growth.

Increase in Visibility on OTA’s:

During the February-May period, search result views increased by a staggering 90% compared to the same period the previous year.
Additionally, the number of customers visiting the hotel's property page saw a substantial 93% increase during this time frame. These statistics highlight the effectiveness of Otamiser Booster® algorithm in maximizing visibility in the relevant markets at the right time.

Revenue Growth:

The primary goal of ours algorithm is to boost visibility and ultimately drive revenue growth. Analyzing the results for April 2023, Hotel Maxim achieved a remarkable 35.2% increase in revenue based on booking date compared to April 2022.

This significant revenue growth is a testament to the successful implementation of Otamiser Booster® and its impact on Hotel Maxim's business performance.

The partnership with Hotel Makim and the implementation of the Otamiser Booster® algorithm have led to a notable increase in search result views and customer visits to the hotel's property page. Moreover, the hotel achieved an impressive 35.2% revenue increase in April 2023 compared to the month April of the previous year.
This case study exemplifies the power of innovative strategies and partnerships in driving success and growth within the hospitality industry.

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