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January 17, 2024

Tips for Optimizing Your Listing on You Didn't Know About is a powerhouse in the world of online travel agencies, facilitating more than 1.5 million booked nights every day. However, simply having a presence on the platform won't guarantee success. To truly capitalise on's potential and secure more bookings, we're about to unveil some lesser-known strategies that can optimize your listing and take your success to the next level.

Elevate Your Property Page Score

Let's start with the fundamentals. Your journey towards booking success starts with your Property Page Score, an important metric used by to identify top-performing listings. You can find your 'Property Page Score' under the 'Property' tab in your extranet. This score serves as a checklist to ensure you're presenting the kind of content and information that potential guests find valuable when making their booking decisions.

The closer you get to a 100%, the more exposure your property will receive. Listings with a perfect score can get up to 18% more bookings according to the research of To enhance your score, begin with your property page. Feature high-quality, comprehensive photos that showcase your property from every angle. An extra tip for creating compelling pictures, is to add elements that bring the picture to life. For example, place a steaming cup of coffee and a book on the terrace table to make people think about how relaxed they will feel in your hotel or B&B. 

Write a compelling description that leaves a lasting impression on potential guests. You can even use emojis to make your description more engaging and appealing. Be sure to keep your content updated and relevant, as this not only attracts more guests but also sets accurate expectations.

Did you know?

More conversions for you means more conversions for, which means you’re both invested in helping you succeed. To that end, the company provides a number of tools through the Extranet, the administrative hub for your properties. If you don’t know how to use these tools, be sure to read our blog: How To Improve Your Ranking Using Extranet Tools?

Streamline Pre-Booking Messaging

Many of your upcoming guests may have questions before they book their stay, and you can simplify communication by activating messaging features. This chat-style interface allows guests to get answers to their questions before making a reservation, making sure they make well-informed decisions. This, in turn, can enhance your overall review rating.

Minimizing uncertainty benefits not only your guests but also reduces the likelihood of cancellations. To take full advantage of this opportunity, visit your Opportunity Centre, where you can configure automatic responses, pre-booking messaging, and templates.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

The power of social media is immense. Sharing your property on platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a simple but effective strategy. You can look for Facebook Groups with a following that is close to your target audience. For example ‘Travel Belgium group’ is an interesting group for hosts in Belgium. You already know the people in this group are going to travel to Belgium and are most likely looking for a place to stay. You can look for more specific groups, but be creative while researching! 

When you share your property on social media, you're not just attracting more visitors – you're also signaling to's algorithm that your listing is in high demand. This, in turn, elevates your ranking, increasing your chances of bookings. 

Enhance Visibility with Smart Tagging

To ensure your listing stands out in a crowded marketplace, use tags strategically. If you offer family-friendly accommodations, highlight amenities like high-chairs, bunk beds, and child-proof features. For pet-friendly properties, focus on perks like pet beds, bowls, and toys. Additionally, categorize your listing under relevant filters such as "beach," "hiking," "swimming pool," or "hot tub/jacuzzi." This helps potential guests find your rental quickly and easily. To discover more about how facilities can affect the number of booking, you can read our blog.

The Ultimate Boost: Otamiser Booster

To make sure your listing will be shown on the first page of, consider using the Otamiser Booster®️. This innovative tool uses an algorithm to get your listing ranked as high as possible. Why exactly is this so important? Research shows that 75% of people book a stay within the first 15 views on an OTA. In short: to be seen is to be booked. 

Discover how this product could boost your revenue by booking a call. holds great potential for hosts. By implementing these tips and implementing the Otamiser Booster®️, you'll optimize your listing's performance.

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