Published on
January 17, 2024

How facilities affect the number of bookings in Belgium

In the digital era, travelers are becoming increasingly discerning when it comes to selecting their accommodations. When travelers embark on their quest for accommodation, they frequently filter their options based on specific amenities that meet their desires.

Providing sought-after amenities leads to positive guest experiences, resulting in higher ratings and favorable reviews. This, in turn, boosts the hotel's reputation and ranking on OTAs. Additionally, hotels with unique amenities gain a competitive advantage and are more likely to attract repeat customers and referrals. Moreover, OTAs use algorithms to determine search result rankings, taking into account booking rates, reviews, and amenities offered. Hotels with a track record of providing desirable amenities are favored by these algorithms, further improving their visibility and rankings.

By delving into booking patterns and search data, we can gain valuable insights into consumer preferences and tailor our offerings to meet their expectations. According to Otamiser's research in Bruges and Brussels over the past 30 days, the most requested properties are determined by comparing recent booking demand with available listings.

Sought-After Amenities in Bruges

In Bruges, the most sought-after amenities are determined by comparing recent booking demand with available listings. The top three desired amenities are as follows: shampoo at 7%, bedroom door locks at 6.3%, and hairdryers at 5.9%. Private entrances are also highly valued at 5.8%, making them almost as popular as essential amenities.

Other amenities that guests highly appreciate include selfcheck-in options at 4.8%, paid parking without a permit at 4.5%, and coffeemakers at 4.4%. Heating is another important consideration at 4.1%, closely followed by carbon monoxide alarms at 4% and hangers at 3.9%.

Sought-After Amenities in Brussels

On the other hand, research conducted in Brussels yielded slightly different data. The top-ranking amenity there is selfcheck-in, with an impressive 16% preference rate, followed by coffeemakers at 11.5% and hairdryers at 10.4%. Lockboxes are also highly sought after, with 7.9% of guests valuing them. Bedlines and shampoo both received a 7% preference rate, while cable TV and iron with hangers obtained 6.5% and 6%.

Other amenities, such as bodysoap, smoke alarms, refrigerators, and hot water, also garnered significant interest from guests, with preference rates ranging from 5.4% to 4.9%.

The data underscores a simple truth: understanding and catering to guest needs is of paramount importance. By aligning their offerings with guest preferences, accommodations can not only enhance the guest experience but also climb the ranks on OTAs. The secret ingredient for a top position? A keen insight into the direct link between sought-after amenities and high rankings. Note: it's important to understand that specific locations may have different preferences.
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