Published on
June 18, 2024

Implications of Otamiser Algorithm

As the hospitality industry evolves, we need to understand the factors that lead to success. Recognizing the importance of visibility and performance becomes crucial. Through innovative approaches like the Otamiser algorithm, we shape a new era that maintains a balance between exceptional service and strategic digital optimization.

How the Journey Began

We empathize with the needs and challenges faced by hoteliers and B&B owners – after all, we started in the same way! In our own accommodations, we noticed that despite positive reviews and automated pricing, our occupancy rates weren't optimal. The issue? We weren't ranking at the top of search results on OTAs like Booking, Expedia, and others. So, we developed an automated algorithm for ourselves that optimized our visibility on OTAs and incorporated dynamic pricing to ensure the right price for each customer. The impact was direct, boosting our efficiency and profitability. Naturally, we couldn't keep this solution to ourselves. Hence, in 2021, Otamiser was born.


Reflecting on Real Results

Fast forward nine months from the initial implementation of our algorithm, and we're excited to share the impressive results we've achieved. Drawing insights from a comprehensive study involving ten of our esteemed clients, the results speak for themselves.

Sales: Remarkable Surge of 24%

The adoption of our algorithm propelled sales figures by a significant 24%. Through a strategic approach to online visibility, our algorithm contributes to more efficient management of sales performances.


Daily Rate: Elevating by 21%

Witnessing an impressive increase of approximately 21%, clients have experienced substantial growth in their daily rates. This advancement is attributed to our algorithm's careful optimization of online visibility dynamics, allowing for strategic pricing management.


Occupancy: Rising by 11%

Among the notable achievements is an approximately 11% increase in occupancy rates. Our algorithm is designed to holistically manage all dimensions of online visibility, resulting in better-controlled occupancy levels.


A New Era of Visibility and Success


These tangible outcomes underscore the effectiveness of the Otamiser algorithm. Its transformative capabilities digitally reshape the hospitality sector, guiding accommodation providers toward greater visibility, optimized revenue streams, and enhanced guest experiences. The future of hospitality is here, and it's powered by the Otamiser algorithm.

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