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Elke hotelier wil meer boekingen aan de juiste prijs. Met Otamiser zorg je voor maximale visibiliteit van je accommodaties en dynamische prijszetting — volledig automatisch!

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Better positions on OTAs like Booking and Airbnb
Higher occupancy for your accomodation
Maximize your accommodations' revenue
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Become Number One on Booking.com

OTAs like Booking.com and Airbnb, have become essential for travelers worldwide. Over 73% of bookings come from OTAs, yet 75% of the positive click behavior is going to the first 15 listings. In other words, the higher your are ranked, the more bookings you will get. That's where we come in – we specialize in catapulting you to the top of those OTA search rankings, ensuring your success.


The solution to get the full potential
out of your accommodations


Why should you use our algorithm

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    The first OTA ranking management solution
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    Always sell rooms for the best price
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    Data-driven revenue maximization
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Revenue Service

Why you should use our Revenue Service

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    In-house Expertise
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    Data Driven Decision-Making
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    Cutting-Edge Technology
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Why you should use Autorank
for your short-term rentals

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    Airbnb Listing Optimization
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    Description- and Title optimization
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    Recommendations for Amenities
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Tailored for you

A solution for every accommodation type

Boost your Revenue and OTA position with our Booster®

Booster® is the solution for hotels looking to maximize their revenue and occupancy. With our innovative technology, you can improve your ranking on OTAs and increase your visibility to potential customers. The Booster® includes our revenue service, optimizing your pricing strategy, ensuring you get the best possible rates for your rooms and attract more bookings.

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The Solution For Hotel Managers to Boost Revenue and Visibility

Empower your hotel management strategy with the Booster®. Our solution elevates revenue and occupancy rates effortlessly. Boost your OTA ranking, enhance visibility, and dynamically optimize pricing to attract more guests and maximize bookings.

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Transform Your Hotel Chain's Revenue with our Booster®

Tailored specifically for hotel chains, our cutting-edge solution empowers hotel chains to elevate revenue and occupancy rates effortlessly across multiple properties. By boosting OTA rankings, enhancing visibility, and dynamically optimizing pricing, Otamiser Booster® ensures consistent growth and success for your entire chain.

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Elevate Your Accommodations on Airbnb with Autorank

Take your Airbnb listings to new heights with Autorank, our latest solution tailored for property managers. Designed to boost the position of your accommodations on Airbnb, Autorank maximizes visibility and bookings effortlessly. This way you will increase your bookings and revenue.

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Enhance Your Airbnb Listing's Visibility with Autorank

Elevate your property's ranking position on Airbnb with Autorank, our specialized solution designed to optimize your listing's position. Autorank maximizes visibility and booking opportunities, creating a significant increase in your revenue.

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Not sure about your current OTA ranking?

We are happy to prepare a personal audit for you, outlining the key factors for achieving a high OTA ranking. Discover the current online performance and visibility of your accommodations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you generate forecasts for hospitality pricing trends?
Are you increasing my commission rate on these OTAs?
Is it solely the review score and price/quality that impact my OTA ranking?
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Does Otamiser also work with OTAs other than Booking.com ?
I currently use a Revenue Management System (RMS). Is Booster® still beneficial for my business?