Published on
February 23, 2024

What is Booking Engine Optimization (BEO)?

In the world of digital visibility and online bookings, two acronyms have taken center stage: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and BEO (Booking Engine Optimization). These terms hold the key to unlocking your property's potential on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). Let's delve into the world of BEO and how it can reshape your business strategy.

Understanding the Foundation: SEO and BEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a phrase that resonates with anyone navigating the online realm. It's the art of making your website stand out on search engines, ensuring your business captures the attention it deserves. Similarly, BEO (Booking Engine Optimization) focuses on an equally important aspect: lifting your property's position on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) through an ingenious algorithm. It's the pathway to propelling your accommodations to the forefront of a traveler's consideration.

Unraveling Misconceptions

In recent years, the hospitality landscape has witnessed a shift in focus. The emphasis is no longer just on exceptional service, but also on strategic efficiency. Many hotels and lodging establishments are seeking to secure new bookings while optimizing costs. This approach involves leveraging a hotel booking engine and employing shrewd marketing tactics. This concerted effort has resulted in the creation of direct booking channels for numerous properties.

However, a misconception lingers among some that their standing on platforms like Airbnb,, and Expedia is solely tied to customer ratings. Consequently, they channel efforts into earning high scores through impeccable service. The reality, though, is that review scores form only a fraction of the intricate algorithms guiding listing order on these platforms. These algorithms, much like Google's ranking system, are intricate and multifaceted.

The BEO Advantage: Rank Your Property to First Positions

As potential guests embark on their journey to find accommodations in your vicinity, your establishment emerges as a first choice. The benefits ripple across the board - envision an uptick in monthly sales, enhanced occupancy rates, and competitive daily rates. Naturally, an increase in bookings is a direct outcome. BEO empowers your business to embrace its full potential, creating newfound opportunities within the hospitality sphere.

Increase ranking with Otamiser Booster

Introducing Otamiser Booster, a paradigm-shifting innovation. Over the past year, our collaboration with a charming B&B nestled in Bruges took an extraordinary trajectory. Our mission: forging an algorithm to amplify accommodation visibility on OTAs. The outcome surpassed expectations, all amidst the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and ensuing lockdowns. The B&B witnessed a remarkable surge across various metrics in 2021, encompassing amplified sales, bookings, occupancy rates, and daily rates.

Leveraging our profound grasp of algorithms and market dynamics, we elevate hotel rankings, ensuring your establishment – whether hotel or B&B – garners recognition in a fiercely competitive domain. It positions your property at the forefront of search results, significantly enhancing the odds of catching the eye of prospective guests. Say farewell to laborious manual interventions. Otamiser Booster seamlessly enriches your hotel's visibility, liberating you from the burden of time-consuming manual efforts.

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