Published on
January 17, 2024

Is your hotel or B&B ready for the summer?

The high season for the hotel industry is just around the corner, and May and June present the perfect opportunity to prepare your accommodation for the summer months. Taking action now can make all the difference in how successful your business will be in July and August. This summer promises a resurgence in tourism as the Covid-19 pandemic is nearly behind us. Don't miss this chance to maximize your profits. Here's how you can do it:

Avoid Profit Loss

One of the most impactful ways to optimize profits is by revising your pricing strategy. Analyze your data from previous summers and determine if adjustments are necessary. Several factors come into play when adjusting prices, including competition. For travelers, the cost of their stay often remains a decisive factor when booking a room. Additionally, consider any special events happening near your establishment. A nearby concert or festival can significantly increase the demand for rooms during a specific period. Otamiser®️ Booster, our algorithm, automatically optimizes pricing, resulting in an average 21% increase in daily rates.

Collect and Personalize Customer Data

Understanding your audience is essential. A marketing strategy has little chance of success if it's not tailored to the right target audience. Knowing who your guests are allows you to focus your campaign on them, increasing the likelihood of their return or attracting guests similar to them. You can create a guest profile by noting where guests come from, which generation they belong to, and what amenities they prefer during their stay. These insights will help steer your summer plan and sales efforts effectively.

Create Engaging Social Media Content

Social media platforms open new doors for marketing your business. If you're not already present on these channels, consider it; it can make a huge difference in your visibility. Facebook and Instagram are the most effective social media platforms for hotels and B&Bs. When used correctly, they can expose your establishment to a vast audience. Unsure about the content to post? Here are a few ideas:

During the summer, people are in the mood for vacations, exploration, and leisure. Your hotel can provide content to assist them in these endeavors. You're an expert in your city or region, and now is your chance to share what guests can do, see, experience, learn, and more. This can also be used to promote on-site activities, but remember the 80/20 rule – 80% helpful content and only 20% self-promotion. Additional benefits of creating content include increased revenue from supplementary services, improved guest engagement leading to better reviews and more bookings, and increased website traffic and direct bookings.

Offer Additional Deals

This is a fantastic way to generate more income because, as mentioned, people are in the mood to indulge during the summer. Offer poolside massages, an expanded cocktail menu, in-room childcare, and more. Use social media to promote additional offers and last-minute specials.

Enhance Your Visibility on OTAs

The ranking on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) largely determines a hotel or B&B's success. estimates that 80 to 90 percent of converted bookings come from the first two pages of the listings alone. Ensure you're ranked as high as possible before the summer season begins to avoid missing out on customers. However, it's often a mystery as to how your property can climb higher on these sites. Each channel has its own criteria for hotel ranking, which often change, making it challenging for hoteliers to adapt. Otamiser has developed a unique algorithm that automatically places your property as high as possible on these sites. We are the first to utilize Booking Engine Optimization (BEO), the process of increasing an accommodation's ranking on booking websites. BEO is applicable to, Airbnb, Agoda, Expedia, and many more booking websites. The algorithm results in an average 24% increase in revenue.

There are countless ways to increase your hotel's revenue with a summer plan, but it's up to you and your hotel team to implement them. The key to success is organization, focus, and creativity. If you want to find out what specific improvements you can make in your situation, request an audit from Otamiser and ensure your business's success this summer!
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