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How To Improve Your Ranking Using Extranet Tools?

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Securing a favorable spot on  can significantly impact hoteliers' success. This article delves into Otamiser’s suggestions for enhancing your property's visibility, thereby driving increased bookings. Additionally, we'll explore the practical Extranet tools at your disposal to assist you throughout this journey.

Utilize the Extranet tools

An exclusive feature of is the Extranet, a platform for property management. Leveraging the Extranet empowers you to fine-tune your calendar, rates, images, and more. Monitoring your property's performance is also feasible through this user-friendly interface, similar to a dashboard. Anyone with an approved listing gains access to this resource. To elevate your ranking on, focus on these three key tools.

The Price Performance Dashboard

The Price Performance Dashboard is a tool for gauging your rates against comparable properties in your vicinity. This resource proves crucial in determining whether your pricing aligns with the market or skews too high or low. By rectifying any pricing disparities, you can enhance your ranking effectively.

There exist 5 crucial outcomes that demand your attention as they directly impact your rating:

  • Conversion Ratio – The proportion of individuals who make a reservation after viewing your listing. This metric aids in forecasting the number of anticipated guests within a specific timeframe.
  • Average Daily Earnings – The mean income earned per reserved room.
  • Rate of Cancellations – The percentage of rooms that were booked but subsequently canceled within the preceding 90-day period.
  • Property Page Rating – This rating assesses the appeal of your property to potential guests relative to the prevailing market.
  • Review Evaluation – The average rating your property attains following guest checkouts.

Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics Dashboard serves as a valuable tool to trace your property's performance across time. It presents you with real-time observations about your bookings, insights into customer behaviors, and an overview of your sales data. This information holds significant value, enabling you to identify effective strategies and areas needing improvement. For instance, if there is a sudden decline in bookings, you can delve into the reasons behind it and take corrective measures.

Begin by optimizing your listing

After gaining familiarity with the Extranet, your next step involves optimizing your property's listing. As a property owner, this task holds in elevating your position on . It entails ensuring that all the details on your listing are accurate and current.

To begin, aim to incorporate a generous array of photos that provide potential guests with a comprehensive impression of your property's appearance and the experiences they can anticipate during their stay. Ensure these photos are well-lit and exhibit a professional quality, aligned with your available resources. If hiring a professional photographer isn't feasible, consider collaborating with a content creator who can offer photography in exchange for a complimentary accommodation.

Tips for naming your accommodation:

  • Geo-focused: Incorporate the name of your city or a nearby landmark. This strategy is especially effective if your property is situated in a luxurious area.
  • Traveller/Property Type: Include popular search terms such as 'guesthouse,' 'villa,' or 'honeymoon' to attract relevant visitors.
  • Amenities: Add amenities only if they enhance your listing's value. These can range from a spa to a bed & breakfast.
  • Be Clear and Precise: Help potential guests quickly understand what your property offers. Instead of "Sydney apartment with beach access & breakfast," try "Bondi Beachside Apartment."

These guidelines also apply when crafting your property description. Assume readers know nothing about your accommodation, so describe each feature clearly while maintaining precision. Even if you repeat certain details like amenities during the sign-up process, it's crucial to discuss them in your description.

Rethink Your Pricing Strategy

Otamiser Revenue is the cutting-edge solution for property owners seeking to optimize their revenue streams in today's dynamic market. By harnessing real-time data and sophisticated algorithms, this tool proactively adjusts property prices in response to market fluctuations, ensuring properties are competitively priced and maximizing occupancy rates. With Otamiser Revenue, property owners gain a competitive edge, making data-driven decisions that not only enhance profitability but also improve the guest experience, positioning them at the forefront of the property market evolution.

Otamiser Booster

Another way of increasing ranking can be, to use an external solution like Otamiser Booster. In the competitive landscape of online travel agencies (OTAs), standing out is paramount. Enter Otamiser Booster, a state-of-the-art algorithm designed specifically to elevate your property's ranking on platforms like and other OTAs. What sets Otamiser Booster apart is its intricate and sophisticated design. It doesn't just passively monitor your ranking; it actively adjusts your property's prices in tandem with its ranking. This ensures that the elasticity between ranking and price is consistently maintained, striking a perfect balance that attracts potential guests while optimizing revenue. In essence, Otamiser Booster is not just a tool, but a strategic partner, ensuring your property remains a top choice for travelers in an ever-evolving digital marketplace.